Helping you feel your best, one bite at a time. 

My passion for nutrition and holistic living has led me to inspire and teach others about finding balance in all aspects of life


My Story

From personal struggles with weight and health issues, I know and understand how frustrating and demotivating it can be when nothing seems to work. After multiple trips to medical doctors and a plethora of tests, I decided to try the natural route. Three months in, I lost over 30lbs, and felt better instantly. That was 9 years ago and now I am healthier than ever, both mentally and physically. 

It was through my experiences that I learned of the power of nutrition and holistic living. Today, I nourish my body with whole foods and balance my life with yoga and exercise. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), RCNP, ROHP, I specialize in burnout, stress management, adrenal dysfunction and fatigue for busy, urban, young professionals. I can't wait to work with you in reaching your holistic wellness!