honey charcoal face mask

During these cold, dry months of winter, my skin takes a hit with dryness. Coupled with stress and other environmental factors, my face needs extra TLC. That's why I make my own honey charcoal face mask at home to help rejuvenate my skin.

Here's what I put in it:

1) Bentonite clay - fights inflammation in the skin for that baby bottom smoothness.  

2) Activated charcoal - detoxifies the skin for that beautiful glow.

3) Honey - antibacterial properties tackle acne and redness. 

4) A splash of water - just to help it mix better. 

Here are the super simple steps I take:

Step 1: Add 1 tsp each of bentonite clay and activated charcoal to a bowl.

bentonite clay
clay and charcoal

Step 2: Add 2 tsp of honey to the mixture.



Step 3: Add just a splash of water and mix well with a spoon until you get a nice, shiny, black paste. It looks kind of like black icing! 

honey charcoal mask

Step 4: Apply evenly to face and leave on for 10-15 min!

This will be enough for 2-3 masks, which for me is good for a week. I like to cover it up and keep it in the fridge until I use it again!

I usually give myself extra love by taking a nice hot bath with this face mask on. Because...treat yo'self. 

Hope you all try this and LOVE it as much as I do!