5 steps to reset your mind, body and spirit!


In our every day lives, we can be so overwhelmed with things to do, people to see, that we forget to take time and reset ourselves. This can build up physical and mental stress which can lead to lowered immune functioning and an overall decrease in happiness. Here are 5 steps you can take to reset your mind, body and spirit! Do one or do them all, so long as you take the time to take care of the most important thing...yourself! 

Reduce sugars - whether its from processed foods or high sugar fruits, try to avoid them from time to time to give the healthy bacteria in your gut a chance to breathe and recuperate. 

Avoid inflammatory foods - dairy, gluten, and processed foods are a few of the highest inflammatory foods to avoid when looking to reset your body from within. Gut health is important for overall health!

Yoga & meditation - give your mind and spirit a break for an hour or two by going to a yoga class or listening to a meditation podcast at home. Get your body in the flow and practice mindfulness. Give yourself a chance to be in the moment and forget about all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Go on a nature walk - connecting with nature can be very calming and many find peace away from the busy city life. Whether its a walk in the forest or a short overnight camping trip under a starry sky, getting some fresh air can reset your mind. Who knows, you may find the inspiration you've been looking for along the way!

Disconnect - in today's society, we are constantly connected to the world through social media, cell phones, the internet and television. Find time every day or a few hours once a week to disconnect from all the electronic devices. Go for coffee with a friend, take a nice hot bath, or reach for that book that's been sitting on your bookshelf for way too long!

Hopefully this gives you a bit of inspiration to tune your weekend plans to include a little time for yourself to unwind!