[recipe] Nut-free "peanut" dressing


This sunflower butter dressing is an amazing alternative to peanut sauce/dressing! As someone who has a bad nut sensitivity, I've always found it really difficult to have Vietnamese salad rolls or go to vegan restaurants where they serve foods with peanut/cashew sauces. But recently I've been trying different recipes with my sunflower butter and accidentally discovered this amazing nut-free sauce! I put it in rice bowls, salads, veggies...like the Frank's Red Hot sauce commercial, I basically "put that sh*t on everything"! I've had peanut sauce before so I know how it tastes and this is as close to peanut sauce I've ever gotten! Give it a try and let me know how you like it...I guarantee you'll LOVE it! 

Sunflower butter dressing


1 tbsp - sunflower butter

1/2 tbsp - maple syrup

1.5 to 2 tbsp - coconut milk (more if you'd like a more liquidy dressing)


1. Mix it all up and enjoy!