Essential Travel Items

I'm one of those people who wants to travel the world and see all the beautiful things the world has to offer - from experiencing different cultures and foods to seeing breathtaking natural surroundings. However, traveling can take a toll on our bodies! With time changes and eating foods that are not a part of our daily repertoire, we are more susceptible to feeling off and . There are 5 things I bring with me on every trip that keeps me feeling my best while wanderlusting!

Amazing Grass' Raw Reserve - Keeping the gut flora healthy is especially important when traveling. I always bring packets of Amazing Grass' Raw Reserve (Berry flavoured) with me when I travel. One packet contains billions of probiotics and E3Live fresh blue-green algae! It's difficult to take probiotics with you wherever you go because most of them need to be refrigerated. However, this product doesn't need to be refrigerated and is great for boosting immunity, improving digestion and making sure we're including some greens in our diet. 

AOR Ortho Adapt - Traveling can get stressful sometimes so I always make sure I support my adrenals while out of town. This product is full of nervine relaxants to calm down our sympathetic nervous system. 

Tongue Scraper - Bacteria and toxins can grow on our tongues and cause bad breath and even illness. When traveling, we're exposed to more bacteria in the air and in the foods that we may consume which are different to what we're typically used to at home. Tongue scraping can remove the bacteria/toxins on our tongues which would otherwise be reabsorbed into our bodies and cause digestive disturbances!

Vitality Digest+ - Ever find yourself eating way too much while on vacation? Yes...says every person ever! I never leave home without my Vitality Digest+. This is a herbal digestive aid that helps relieve bloating and inflammation in the digestive tract. So eat to your heart's content...but only for a few cheat days!

Tumbler - When flying on a plane, we tend to not drink a lot of liquids and become dehydrated. I always bring a little tumbler with me and ask to fill it up with hot water. This way, I can sip on hot water to help with digestion and stay hydrated while watching movies! 

There you have it! My top 5 must haves when traveling. Now...get out there and discover something new! Safe travels :)