Natural cold & flu remedies

Flu season is in full swing and we find ourselves trying hard to fight off whatever virus is out there. During these cold and wet months of the year our bodies are adjusting and can easily catch victim to colds and flus. Here are some natural ways to get over a nasty cold/flu:

Garlic - This powerful natural anti fungal, antibacterial and antibiotic plant is great for colds and flus. Mince it up and take a spoonful with honey or put it in a glass of water and drink it. You’ll be stuck with garlic breath but you’ll feel better in no time!

Hot lemon and honey tea - We all know that lemons are high in vit C and coupled with honey’s antibacterial properties, this delicious drink should be consumed even when you’re not sick! Honey will coat and soothe your sore throat while killing off germs in the process. Lemons

Face steam - Not only are face steams great for the skin, it is also amazing for a stuffy nose! Boil some hot water and put it in a big bowl. Add some eucalyptus oil in the mix and put your face over the steam. Cover the bowl and your head with a towel and breathe in!

Rest - Your body needs time and rest to fight the illness. Give yourself extra hours of sleep a day when sick! That’s what sick days are for!

Ginger - Ginger root can be steeped in boiling water to make a delicious ginger tea to help against sinus symptoms and congestion. Add some honey for added antibacterial benefits and makes the tea taste sweet and delicious!

Nettle Leaf - this plant has a great amount of vitamins and minerals to help our bodies remove toxins while sick. It’ll support your immune system and can prevent worsening of flus and colds.

Yarrow - This powerful root can shorten the length of an illness when taken in the beginning of a flu or cold. It is great for fevers as it induces sweating to help your body regulate body temperature.

Zinc - This mineral can help reduce the severity of a cold or flu and even shorten the duration of it!

Elderberry syrup - elderberries are have antirheumatic properties which means it slows down disease progression. It is also a diaphoretic which means it induces sweating and can help your body get over a fever and cold faster. Natural elderberry syrups have honey in them which is also very beneficial in fighting colds and flus!

Oregano Oil - Delicious as an herb in the kitchen, oregano oil is also a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral agent. Take it in pill or tincture form while sick and it’ll help shorten your suffering!


Give these a try and jump back into your daily routine in no time!